What is Tooth Extraction?

The ejection of a tooth from its socket is called tooth extraction.

Why tooth extraction is compulsory?

Well, tooth extraction is compulsory when your tooth is damaged due to cavity and decay. Sometimes, your tooth decay or cavity can be treated with just tooth filling or placing a tooth crown. But, sometimes, the decay or damage is untreatable. So, the dentist will extract the decayed tooth from the socket. After the extraction, the new tooth will place through bone replacement surgery or bone grafting.

Some Common Reason of the Tooth Extraction

Presenting you some tooth extraction reasons and that is:

  • Some people have double teeth that block the inner teeth from coming in.
  • Some kids’ baby teeth do not fall out at the age of 7. Then these teeth need to be extracted. So that they will allow permanent teeth to come out.
  • People who need braces, they need a tooth extraction for making space for braces and moving of teeth.
  • Some people need radiation treatment for the head and neck. They need a tooth extraction in the field of radiation.
  • People taking sugar medicines may need a tooth extraction. Due to the medicines, their tooth may decay and need extraction.
  • Cancer patients may need tooth extraction due to the high dosage of cancer drugs.
  • After an organ transplant, some people’s tooth may catch the infection. Due to this infection, they may need a tooth extraction.
  • Molar tooth or wisdom tooth, sometimes, may get broken or damaged. This cause irritation in your mouth. Then, there is a need for tooth extraction.

Preparation of the Tooth Extraction

If you feel irritation or cavity in your tooth, immediately visit your dentist. The dentist will examine the tooth and ask you for some X-rays. After the result of the X-ray, the dentist will decide what type of treatment you need. Tell your dentist the entire eating habit and any medicine you are taking. Tell your dentist the whole details about your dental history and any other disease. also, if you are taking any type of vitamins or supplements, tell your dentist. If your tooth can be treated with medicines or any other simple treatment, then, there is no need for tooth extraction. But, if your case is serious then the tooth extraction is compulsory for you.

A panoramic X-ray is required, if your wisdom tooth needs to be extracted. This X-ray will take a picture of your teeth. The dentist will examine the condition of all the teeth and wisdom tooth. This picture will help the dentist in the extraction and suggesting you the medicine. Everyone’s wisdom tooth has a relation with other teeth. The upper teeth are having a relation with the sinuses. The lower teeth have a relationship with the nerves of the jawbone, lower lip, and chin.

Some dentists prescribe antibiotics to the patients before and after the tooth surgery. Your dentist will prescribe you the antibiotic if:

  • You have an infection after or at the time of surgery.
  • You have a weak immune system.
  • Your surgery takes more than usual time and procedure.
  • You have any specific disease like cancer or diabetes.
  • You have any seasonal viral fever, cough, or cold.
  • You are pregnant and feeling nausea or vomiting.

Please avoid smoking at the day of tooth surgery and obviously for some more days after the surgery. Otherwise, the pain in the socket will be unbearable for you.

After the surgery, you need to visit your dentist frequently, until you receive the clean chit from your dentist. Frequent visit to the dentist is important for you.


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